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Exploring a Career in Software Quality Assurance

Are you anxious to work on real cutting-edge technology? Or wondering how to break that compensation ceiling?  Maybe it’s just a change in routine you’re looking for.  Consider stepping up your game, and entering the world of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing. A coder, developer or programmer already has many of the skills needed to […]

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Happy SysAdmin Day 2014!

In just a few short days, it will be SysAdmin Appreciation Day. Are you ready? Of course you are! But just in case… Friday, July 25 is the 15th annual day of giving the nod to our system administrators.  Those are the people who keep your network alive, your servers backed up, your computers virus-free. […]

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Do Passwords Make Your Heart Bleed?

The verdict is still out on the extent of the damage caused by the Heart bleed bug. The bug has been called “catastrophic”, the “bug that broke the Internet”, and the worst vulnerability in the history of the Internet. Fixing it will be a “herculean task”. While system admins have been hustling to push fixes […]

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Show Your Computer Some Love!

Have you ever worked through lunch sitting in front of your computer or taken your laptop to the coffee shop and used it to read the news while you had your morning scone? Most of us have. Take a look at your keyboard. Right now. Just look down at your keyboard. What do you see? […]

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