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Exploring a Career in Software Quality Assurance

Are you anxious to work on real cutting-edge technology? Or wondering how to break that compensation ceiling?  Maybe it’s just a change in routine you’re looking for.  Consider stepping up your game, and entering the world of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing. A coder, developer or programmer already has many of the skills needed to […]

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IT Employment Tops Milestone 5 Million Mark

Alexandria, VA, November 10, 2015 – The number of IT jobs grew 0.2 percent sequentially last month to 5,003,400, according to TechServe Alliance, the national trade association of the IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions industry. On a year-over-year basis, IT employment has grown by 4.0% since October 2014 adding 194,200 IT workers. The rate […]

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How to Reverse Engineer Your Career Path

During the recession, workers hung on to the jobs they had, even though the work was no longer fulfilling. Job descriptions changed to include my job, your job and his job, because your job and his job no longer existed. Company loyalty became a confused commodity, and the word “pension” was relegated to the dictionary. […]

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It’s Back to School — For You, Too!

Don’t get stuck in a mid-career slump. Innovation in IT happens so quickly that you can get left behind before you know it. There is no guarantee that earning a new certification will result in an immediate pay increase, especially if the certification is not particularly relevant to your current project. But… Position requirements do […]

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Make Your IT Resume Pop!

You’ve heard the stories: Recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning your resume Your resume will be sucked up by the black hole known as an ATS (applicant tracking system), never to be seen again How do you elude the 6-second scan or the gaping black hole? Expertise Summary There’s good news. The objective statement is […]

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