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DP Professionals specializes in one thing: recruiting highly-skilled IT professionals to fill information technology positions. IT is our niche; people are our business.


Our Culture

We believe that everyone who works at DPP deserves to be treated with respect, to be treated as a professional, and to be compensated fairly. We believe people should work in an atmosphere that breeds success. These factors inspire the staff to take pride in providing solutions, and to have fun doing it!


We Are Diverse

Every day, our technical recruiters, business developers, and account managers work with clients and candidates from every facet of society. By embracing diversity, we learn to appreciate the uniqueness of the people we endeavor to serve. At DPP, we are striving to become a microcosm reflecting the makeup of the country. We believe diversity is critical to everyone’s success.


Our Benefits

DP Professionals is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits package to our salaried, commissioned and hourly office staff. In addition to protecting your health and well-being, we offer important benefits to meet your other needs. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Retirement Benefits and Disability are available to eligible DPP employees and their dependents, including domestic partners.



“It is so nice to feel appreciated for what you do and I just wanted to let you know that DPP is such a great company to work for. You all really know how to treat your employees and it does not go unnoticed.”



What is an IT Recruiter?

As an IT Recruiter, you can expect to spend much of your day on the phone, talking to people, building relationships with talented technology folks who have skills that are in high demand.

Social media platforms no longer take a back seat for finding and connecting with technical candidates. The ability to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, even Tik-Tok and Instagram, to engage with candidates can make a huge difference your success.

As you build your relationships, you’ll also be filling a pipeline and creating a network of highly skilled IT professionals for future job opportunities. It’s a challenging career. You must be able to take rejection, and move on. Priorities change, and you must be able to switch focus, without losing sight of the other positions that need to be filled. You must be able to tell a candidate they were not a good fit for a position, and bolster them up for the next interview.

It’s also very rewarding, and we don’t mean just financially. Helping someone move into a more rewarding position is such a satisfying feeling. Are you up to the challenge? Reach out to our President, Chris Dickenson to see if a career as a Technical Recruiter is your next move. EOE/AA/V/D


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