Will the IT department be relevant in 2012?

An attention-grabbing blog post by a Forrester Research analyst predicts that 2012 will be “the most transformative year for end user computing since the release of the IBM PC in 1981.” The forecast is based upon the convergence of four trends that are providing employees, previously captive by their own IT department, with new freedoms.

  • High-performers will bring their own technology to the office when employers don’t provide the latest and greatest in terms of technology.
  • With some cloud based application and services providing better and faster results at very low cost and without internal IT involvement, some employees will pay for it themselves.
  • “Mobile apps will be the ticket” to keep customers renewing or upgrading every year or they will defect to competitors.
  • Although not a new trend, tablet computing with virtualized desktops is coming of age and employees will no longer be tied to their desks, or desktops.
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