What will the Future Bring?

Recently, IBM has been receiving recognition for its fifth annual “Next Five in Five” list of technologies and social developments that will change the way people live and work. This list promotes some of the company’s research activities and can give a decent glimpse of what’s ahead in technology. The list also offers additional clues as to where the next generation of IT jobs are developing for the near future.

But what were the first “Next Five in Five” things that made the list in 2007? Early that year, IBM gathered business partners, analysts and reporters to show off what the company believed would be commercially viable and on the market by 2012:

  • Real-time speech translation; no mention if Klingon would be incorporated.
  • Physicians monitoring patients in their own homes via sensors and the Internet.
  • Via nanotechnology, a cloth that can instantly filter non-potable water into drinkable water.
  • Development of a 3-D Internet.
  • The potential of “presence technology” for mobile devices essentially to ‘read your mind’ and learn about users whereabouts and preferences as they move about in the world.


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