What does giving thanks mean to you?

Vintage Patriotic Thanksgiving Postcard, with Lady Liberty and two large TurkeysHalloween has passed and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  With Thanksgiving comes the start to the hectic holiday season.  During this time, people are pulled in many directions trying to meet the needs of family, work, school and community events.  Many tend to feel the pressure of meeting end of year deadlines, budgeting for holiday gifts and trying to arrange time to spend with visiting family or arrange activities for the little ones who are on winter break.  Through it all, we tend to lose sight of the purpose of the season.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks.  What does that mean?  Giving thanks may mean something different to you than it does to your spouse, child, neighbor, employer or book club members.  We tend to think that in order to show thanks, we need do something elaborate or spend a large sum of money.  However, many times it is the small things that matter most. Here are activities you can do that take very little time or money but leave a lasting impression:

  • Reflect on 2013 and be thankful for all that you have learned, overcome and accomplished.
  • Provide words of gratitude to all family members at your table.  Teach your children about gratitude and encourage them to express their thoughts.
  • If you know a friend or co-worker who will be alone or has no plans, invite them to join your family for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Send a service member (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) a letter or care package as a sign of your gratitude for the sacrifice they make daily to protect our freedoms.  Remember, the US has a 100% volunteer military. Some suggestions:
  • Donate a meal to an elderly neighbor or single mother.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter – our furry friends need support as well.
  • Make a donation of clothing, food or gently used household items to local charities – i.e. Goodwill, His House, Oliver Gospel Mission.

Showing our gratitude to our families not only fosters relationships but releases endorphins that make us feel great as well.

Finally, THANK YOU, to all of our employees for providing quality work to each of our clients and representing DPP in such an amazing way.  We would not be successful without your efforts.  Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season.

–Robin Weber, PHR
HR Manager, DPP

Image: Vintage Patriotic Thanksgiving Postcard

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