The Top Technology Trends for Business for 2011

As the recovery takes hold, IT administrators and their budgets are getting back to the business of technology. Here are several trends gathered from IT experts and analysts that are expected to gain momentum and acceptance:

  • The term “cloud computing” may become a thing of the past as everyone realizes what the IT community has known all along: the “cloud,” along with its twin “software as a service” (a.k.a. SaaS), are simply ‘remote servers and the Internet.’ Business will gravitate toward renting server capacity and software versus purchasing their own. This, in turn, will increase the activities of IT firms providing those services.


  • Responsibilities for IT professionals will change as remote computing gains wider acceptance. Private data centers and the IT departments that run centers will continue to consolidate and shrink. According to,” companies will continue to align their IT professionals with individual business units rather than in a central services group. The demand for corporate-savvy IT professionals who can serve as business analysts and project managers will continue to grow.”


  • Although the ubiquitous corporate desktop PC won’t go away in 2011, it will likely lose some weight.  More companies will institute desktop virtualization by putting the company’s applications and default operating system configuration on a virtual machine. Couple this model with a bootable Web browser (e.g. the enterprise version of Google Chrome OS), and the concept is elevated to a higher level. This also presents a whole new set of management and technical challenges to IT administrators.



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