“Recovery Already Evident in Tech Sector” by Recruiting Trends

Here is an interesting article written by “Recruiting Trends” which we would love to share with our readers: 

“While economists debate whether jobs are on the rebound there has been a notable slowdown in the pace of downsizing across many industries. At the same time – even though the vast majority of organizations slowed their hiring and continued to cut jobs throughout the recession – one sector has fared far better than others. This becomes especially evident when comparing 2010 to 2009. The sector is the one CyberCoders predicted would host the 2011 Jobs of the Year: technology. In 2009, the total number of job cuts in the tech sector was 174,629, but in 2010 the job cut numbers dropped by 73%.

Although this is extremely impressive in itself, 2010 also marks the year with the lowest total job cuts since 2000. The total number of annual job cuts for 2000, the lowest year until last year, was 103,266. The 2000 number now seems extremely high in comparison to 2010, which saw only 46,825.

As hiring at organizations rebounds, as is evident in the year-over-year job cut comparison mentioned in the January 12th Data Watch, the technology industry is predicted to have the fastest growth within the next decade. The 73% decline in year-over-year job cuts achieved by the tech sector exceeded the 59% decrease in overall job cuts across all industries – which fell below to 529,973 by the end of 2010.”

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