Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews are becoming much more common. Companies are cutting costs with live video conference type interviews, using Skype or a similar software such as Google Hangouts.

Half the battle in a video conference interview is knowing the equipment and software before sitting down for the interview.

  • If you are using Skype, be sure you’ve got an account set up, and your webcam, speakers and microphone are working. Ask a friend to chat with you, and critique your setup. What’s in the background? What other noise does your microphone pick up? Can you hear each other clearly? Is the webcam cutting off the top of your head?
  • Your account handle should be a professional one, preferably using your full name.
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Another type of video interview is the pre-recorded job interview. The company may arrange for a video company to record your answers to questions they have provided. You won’t see the questions ahead of time. Dress professionally for the interview, and look into the camera, as if it were the interviewer. The catch to this kind of interview is the recording can be replayed multiple times; it’s important to be aware of your facial expressions, posture, and hand movements. The good thing is the videographer can edit your mistakes before sending the video off.

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