LinkedIn: Out with Products & Services, In with Showcases

Blue Stage CurtainLinkedIn® has introduced two big changes that will directly affect your content marketing strategies and your LI Company Pages.

Enter Stage Left

On April 14, Showcase pages will replace LinkedIn’s Company Page Products and Services tabs. LinkedIn began rolling out the Showcase feature in November. In March, a notification started appearing at the top of company pages, announcing the change to company page administrators.

At the top of the list of questions admins have is, what happens to the recommendations from our clients? LinkedIn will provide a copy of any recommendations posted by March 14, 2014, if you contact them before the end of May. Or, you can copy any recommendation and save them to your own document. The long and short of it is, recommendations no longer have a place on LinkedIn Company Pages.

LinkedIn’s Company Pages and Updates will remain the same. These two features will continue to be the principal method for reaching out to millions of LinkedIn users. Showcases will allow you to create social conversations around key campaigns. To me, Showcase pages look like Facebook pages… and I believe they will work in much the same way.

Hubspot has published A Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Showcase Pages, and Social Media Examiner has How to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages. LinkedIn’s Help Center has also posted an FAQ  that you will find useful. Both Hubspot and Social Media Examiner list companies who have created stellar Showcase pages.

Update: LinkedIn just released this udpate: Retiring the Products & Services tab from Company Pages 4/1/14

How Well Does Your Content Do in LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is providing a new tool for measuring the impact of your content marketing. Similar to a Klout score, the measurement will tell you how much of your target audience your content reaches.  Only Company Page administrators will see the score. Although you will see how you stack up against competitors, you will not know which companies are being compared to you.

There is some better news. LinkedIn will be providing trending topics based on your target audiences. Build content around these trends to make a greater impact on your marketing segments.

Learn more about LinkedIn’s content marketing and trending with these articles:


I’m roughing out how I would like to highlight our key offerings on the new Showcase pages. The good news is Updates will continue to operate in the same manner (at least for the near future). It will be interesting to see when the Products and Services tabs actually roll off the Company Pages. Certainly I will be refining how we develop new content for our target audiences.

If you are a SMB who could use some guidance with LinkedIn, contact me. We’ll talk.

Have you seen any great examples of Showcase Pages? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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