Labor law posters: Are yours up to date?

Labor law posterAs we leave the old year behind and look to the new, take a minute to check out your employment bulletin boards. Are the notices yellowing and curling with age? How current are they?

State and federal labor laws require certain employment notices to be posted in a place available to all your staff. Several states have changes to their labor laws, and a new federal poster, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) poster, will be required by April 30, 2012.

Here’s a checklist* of the federal labor law posters that must be posted by all employers in the United States:

There are changes to some of South Carolina’s labor laws this year. In South Carolina, these posters must also be conspicuously displayed:
Many of these posters are also available in Spanish.  All-in-one Labor Law posters, personalized for your state, are available from several companies, or you can download the individual posters from the Department of Labor website or your local state government website. Don’t start the New Year off on the wrong foot; make sure your employee notices are in compliance. Your employees will thank you.

*Some of these posters do not apply to all businesses. Be sure to check the Department of Labor’s website for your type of business. For full compliance, go to the source. This list is provided as a service only.

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