What Our Candidates Say about DPP

We want our candidates to succeed. Here are a few good words from people we have worked with:

"I have worked for other consulting firms and none of them compare to DP Professionals. From the top down, the way your company operated and the overall structure is top notch. The professionalism and personal touch…. I have just never experienced anything like that. I really felt like I was valued and not just another contractor. Tyler has been fantastic, he connected with me by cold calling me and it was one of the best phone calls I have decided to answer and sparked a great connection. He has always been very honest with me and I can tell that he is someone that has their act together. I absolutely love Chris B, that woman is a Rockstar and a saint! She has helped me every single time and there are just not enough good things to say Chris B. "

J.M. (12/31/2020)

"On a side note, you are the only recruiter who keeps up with me on at least a biweekly basis! You are the best at what you do, and I am sorry that other recruiters give the industry a bad image."

R.P. (2020)

"Team work. I feel like a family member not a number just to help my rep get a bonus check or to meet their quota. "

Anon. Emp. Survey (10/2019)

"I would like to thank you for making sure I was scheduled and interviewed for the role [I applied for] and also following up after the interview. I am impressed by your professionalism and conduct from the first day I spoke with you to the last moment. It has been a worthwhile experience relating with you. Again , thank you for your time and consideration for giving this opportunity . "

O.O. (2019)

"Cara has been a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, attention to detail has made the process less stressful. She answered my questions and concerns promptly. Having taken the time to do interview prep proved invaluable. Her personality made me feel important and I know she is looking out for me as a client. I feel as if I made a new friend."

S.F. (2019)

"Thanks, Mitchell, for the update. I appreciate your excellent customer service! "

L.I. (2019)

"...[A] quick note of appreciation for the outstanding support and dedication received from Cara on behalf of DPP IT. Cara is thorough, a great listener, and has outstanding follow-up skills. I appreciate Cara's patience and understanding of my current employment situation by working around my schedule to provide exemplary service. DPP IT is truly a better company because of the outstanding service and phenomenal recruiter that you employed. "

J.R. (2019)

"Have I ever told you how much I like you. Thanks so much. We really appreciate it! :)"

Y.C. (2019)

"Also, I want to put in a well deserved good word for Jordan. He is a very fine young man and I really appreciate all of his efforts on my behalf. I cannot tell you how much his hard work means to someone looking for a new job. He's done great! "

M.C. (2019)

"DPP differs from my previous firms in that DPP is located in the same city as our client rather than being just another out of state/country recruiter. DPP representatives have already shown themselves to have a keen interest in both the relationship being built with me as a principal consultant as well as the relationship with the hiring client. Additionally, by offering insurance and retirement benefits to those whom they represent, DPP separates itself from the vast majority of firms that I have interviewed in my search for long-term representation. "

Anon. Emp. Survey (9/2018)

"Thank you sooo much Maddy! You have gone above and beyond with me and I just wish all recruiters worked as hard as you do. "

K.E. (2018)

"Thank you Courtney, excellence as usual. I'm proud to be part of this team. "

F.F. (2018)

"I wanted to take the time to thank you both for your assistance with this opportunity with [your client]. I have to say this has been the best recruiting experience I have ever had. You are top notch and have made what sometimes can be a grueling process much more enjoyable. "

L.H. (2018)

"DP sets the standard!"

C.J. (2018)

"Just a note to thank you all for your generosity and thoughtfulness. It has been my pleasure to be associated with such fine associates! "

D.M. (2018)

"I wanted to reach out and say Thank You to you all and the DPP team. It is so nice to feel appreciated for what you do and I just wanted to let you know that DPP is such a great company to work for. You all really know how to treat your employees and it does not go unnoticed. I love coming back to my desk at [Client] and saying, “Wow, y ’all. Look what DPP did for us today”. "

J.K. (2017)

"Thank you everyone for taking such good care of me. The Christmas party at the Zoo was wonderful. Thank you!"

A.A. (2017)

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for how you've treated me throughout my time with DPP. 5 years already! I mentioned to Kristen and Chris at lunch on Thursday that my tenure as a DPP employee has been the longest I've ever been a part of one organization. Over this time you all have been very kind to me and always treated me as a respected, valued employee. Though I was not expecting that bonus, it did remind me that you do feel that way about me."

D.V. (2017)

"Thanks for taking the time to go over my resume with me. You are the first Recruiter that actually cares about their clients. I have dealt with many over the past year, and I must say you are the first that I would work with again. Thank you again for caring about your clients. "

J.A. (2017)

"I have been an IT Professional for well over two decades. The past several years I have worked as a contractor and have come across at least 50 different recruiting agencies and countless recruiters in that time. Of those agencies and recruiters, I have found only a dozen or so that have come across as professional and trustworthy past the initial contact. I just wanted to convey to you how refreshing it has been to work with Krisie Turner and DPP. From the initial contact Krisie has been professional, sincere, helpful, and she has repeatedly gone the extra mile. She has shown genuine interest in me as a person rather than in me as an opportunity to make some money. I have an incredibly busy schedule (which she has always respected and worked around to help me) so know that her efforts have impressed me to the point where, even with hours of work left to do tonight, I had to take time out to communicate to you my appreciation. She speaks so highly of DPP and of Columbia, SC that I hope things will work out such that I will be working with you all in the near future. Even if that never happens though, I want to send a sincere "thank you" to Krisie and the DPP team."

B.S. (2017)

"I just wanted to drop a word expressing how much I have appreciated working with all of you with DPP. It has been a great experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me. Everyone I worked with was extremely professional, nice, and competent, especially you [Kristen] and Travis. Thank you again for giving me the chance and doing such a great job representing me with [your client]."

B.C.T. (2017)

"Thank you all for the birthday card. Please pass on my thanks to everyone. It is fun to have folks remember a day like this. You all have been great people to work with and I hope we have many more years together. "

R.J. (2017)

"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jaime Inskip and Kristen Rowe. They are both true professionals that really care about placing individuals like myself into I.T. roles. It is very rare to see recruiting firms such as yours doing such great things. I really do appreciate everything that they both have done. Kudos to all of you. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone and everyone!!. "

M.M. (2017)

"Amanda worked with me through a transition between projects and made that process amazingly smooth. Her guidance through the interview process ensured that I was well prepared and that I fully understood the clients environment and procedures. Amanda is a top notch recruiter and was instrumental in helping me find a great opportunity. If you are in Columbia, SC and in need of a recruiter, then Amanda Freeman is the one to call."

B.B. (2017)

"This is a brief but important message to say that I am very impressed with both the substance and the manner in which your firm recruits and organizes interviews. I have been consulting in Information Technology for nearly 20 years. I have seen every manner of approach and manner of organization from regional based firms to the national firms. There are many fine professionals in your industry and I count myself lucky to have worked with many excellent recruiters and account managers. In the past 13 years, my tenure working in the United States, I worked for 2 firms though I spoke to hundreds. I stayed with these two firms because of their quality and the relationship I forged with them. Now on the [main] theme of this email. I have been so pleasantly surprised at the quality and substance of your recruiting and interview management. I have rarely been interviewed and screened so well as Jaime did a few weeks ago. She set up the opportunity at [the client] with both clarity and precision. So, too, was the same clarity and precision evident in the interview package. It was the best prep for an initial meeting (any meeting actually) I have ever seen. Thanks so much for your thorough going approach to an interview. I would also like to commend the Interview Day interaction with Kristin as seamless and professional. It proved fault tolerant when I experienced telephony issues at the scheduled time of meeting [the client]. Kristin's quick recovery insured we met the client the same day and I was able to recover from a bad start and acquit myself well in my call with [the client]. All of this took place on a Friday before a long weekend! Thanks so much for your excellent and high value added services. "

J.B. (2017)

"It was truly great talking with you today. I have not had that much personalized contact with a recruiter for many, many years and it was a wonderful thing to experience again."

A.R. (2016)

"I just wanted to write this special “Thank You” for all the help and support I received while making the transition from my previous location in Massachusetts, to DP Professionals here in South Carolina. As you know, I was hesitant to move here, not only because of the climate, but also because Columbia is the capital of the state and I was unsure of my ability to navigate around the area. But prior to starting and because of your support, I was able to see the city and surrounding area, and knew that it was a very manageable place. While visiting, I had received a comprehensive package full of potential residential choices with a variety of locations. As a result, I was able to visit many of the places and feel secure in knowing that I had lots of options in my price range. It was this attention to detail that heavily influenced my decision to accept the new position. Once I was here, I was amazed at the care and concern of the HR staff. At other companies, I have been given just a name and am required to just show up for work at the new location. But here, you met me prior to the start date, walked me through all my paperwork, answering all my questions. Most amazing was that on the actual start day at the new location, you met me in the lobby and made sure that I transitioned to the right person. (Plus, all the swag made me very proud as well!) It’s the little things – like getting my first paycheck – on time and with the right amount, that also enhances your reputation. Special events to meet other DPP employees at this location helped me feel connected as well. Your Company is extremely professional and continues to check on my progress in this new assignment. I know that I can feel confident and secure because you are always watching out for me. Many Thanks,"

K.B. (2016)

"I received your token of appreciation via mail from DPP for National Staffing Employee Week. I sincerely thank you and appreciate it. I would also like to thank DPP for the opportunity to represent such a great staffing agency. DPP Rocks !!!!!! "

B.G. (2016)

"I wanted to say that I am very grateful to have come across such a fantastic firm as DP Professionals. Not only are you professional, but you display a personal warmth that ensures me “I am not forgotten”. This means a great deal to me because this is my first “contractor” position and I truly did not know what to expect. However, I have to say that it has been nothing but a joy to be part of the team and I sincerely appreciate how “hands on” DPP is. I never have a doubt that I will not get a response to any question I may have and I enjoy the effort made by DPP to engage us with your continuing happy hours and lunches and socials. Keep up the good work! Thank you again for the opportunity to be part of the team."

D.R. (2016)

"Thank you all for your leadership and support! DPP is truly a great organization!"


"I was hired by DP Professionals several years ago to work for a large insurance company in South Carolina. The staff at DP was and still is phenomenal, personable and professional. I am now a Team Lead in my area and the majority of my team is from DP. Recruiting did an excellent job with their selections. Thank you DP for all you do! You will always have an “A” in my book. "


"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of you there at DP Professionals. I know that I’ve spoken with 2 or 3 of you over the last couple of years, and each and every time you have been extremely helpful, straightforward, insightful, truthful, and all the other things that a good scout should be. I never got the feeling that you were just throwing resumes around to see what would draw a bite. Sadly that’s not always the case among recruiters."


"I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you all for the ease of on boarding with DP Professionals. The entire process from start to finish was very straightforward and everyone worked hard to ensure that my time was impacted to a minimal degree. Tarneshia and the HR staff were efficient and professional, making all the paperwork associated with changing jobs almost a pleasure to complete, if you can believe that. The entire staff at DP from leadership all the way down, demonstrated professionalism and caring throughout the process. It is clear that everyone at DP cares deeply about their contract staff and went out of the way to ensure that I felt like I was joining an extended family. Diane, thank you, so much for your efforts in getting me back to Columbia, and allowing me to become part of the DP family. This is something that I will never forget and I will refer all of my friends in the IT world that are looking to make a change to DP. Respectfully, "


"In times of economic uncertainty and many paradigm shifts in the IT industry, DP Professionals not only provided me an assignment, they ‘rekindled’ my career! They leveraged my skills and relevant experience; then placed me in a permanent position with an industry leader in High Availability and Disaster Recovery. There was never any doubt Mrs. Blau and Tracey would have provided me with the ideal fIT. "


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