IT Employment Takes Modest Dip in September

Alexandria, VA, October 15, 2012 — The number of IT jobs experienced a small downturn in September after a year of consistent month-over-month growth.

According to TechServe Alliance, a collaboration of IT services firms, clients, consultants and suppliers, the number of IT jobs shrank by 6,900 jobs in September to reach a level of 4,183,800. Despite the dip in September, IT employment has still grown 2.9% since this time last year.


“In a dynamic labor market like there is for IT professionals, month-to-month numbers are volatile,” said Mark Roberts, the CEO of TechServe.

“I would not read too much into to one month’s small decline. On balance, demand remains strong. If we were to see several months of month-over-month declines, that would be more indicative of a downward trend,” added Roberts.

IT jobs are found in virtually every sector and industry in varying degrees. The following table presents information about the total number of jobs in certain sectors that provide a significant amount of employment for IT professionals as well as to the number of all jobs.


Technical note: TechServe Alliance’s IT Employment Index is the first specific measurement of IT employment. This unique measurement of total IT employment is created monthly by studying the ongoing staffing patterns of a dozen IT and computer related occupations in 22 industries and industry sectors employing significant numbers of IT workers including the manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, financial, information services, business and professional services, and education and health industries. The monthly IT Employment Index is based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, which is subject to monthly revisions, and therefore, the Index is revised accordingly. The IT Employment Index is also subject to annual revisions and was benchmarked last month, February 2012, with the publication of the BLS January 2012 employment report, which included revisions to several years of employment data. The next revision will be published in February 2013. (August 2011 value of the IT Employment Index incorporates striking workers who were officially not counted during the survey week, but did have a job in August.)

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