IT being bypassed for cloud adoption

A recent Computerworld magazine headline should serve as a warning for IT departments and organizations as it boldly proclaimed: “IT increasingly bypassed on cloud adoption.” The subhead wasn’t any more encouraging: “Many business users say IT shops move too slowly.”

A survey by Avanade, a business technology services company, conducted by Kelton Research found that 20 percent of respondents “had actually gone around their IT department to provision cloud services” despite 60 percent having company policies that disallow that sort of thing.

Of that 20 percent that bypassed their own IT organization, “61 percent said it was easier to provision the services themselves, and 50 percent said it takes too long to go through IT.”

However, this will likely change according to Tyson Hartman, CTO of Avanade. Hartman told Computerworld, “IT operations will realize that they have to control and govern the growing cloud sprawl to ensure systems comply with data security, privacy and regulatory requirements.”

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