How to Ring in a New Job in the New Year

Woman climbing up the numbers 2014The holidays are here and everyone is taking off to go skiing in Vail, or scuba diving in Cozumel. At the very least, they’re taking the kids over the river and through the woods.

Or so it seems.

But take a look at the job boards. The ads are still going strong, and new jobs are posted daily. The number of businesses closing for the holidays is minimal, especially in the non-academic and non-manufacturing industries.

Does it really make sense to take a break from your job search? Many people seem to think so — and that can work to your advantage.

Instead of slacking off, re-double your efforts. Get your foot in the door now. Put your resume in the hands of recruiters and hiring managers while business is a bit slower.

By taking advantage of the lull in the competition, you may just find yourself with something to really celebrate when the ball drops this New Year!

Corporate Media Specialist, DPP 

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