How to Get the News, Without the Ads

Don’t want to be bothered by all the ads in your morning news websites or any website for that matter? Just cruise over to their mobile versions – and you don’t need a smartphone – any PC will do. Although media outlets often pare down their web content for smartphone visitors, mobile versions usually still have the most important information.

Although many technologists have long abandoned the use of “www.” before a domain name when surfing the web, try substituting “mobile.” or “m.” as a prefix. You’ll access the barebones content if the company or media outlet has a mobile-specific presence. If this does not work, add /m after the regular homepage URL. This tip also works great as well for ebook readers with browser capabilities and internet connectivity.

This brings up a lot of potentially new projects to pursue for IT working with marketing executives. A mobile presence, simply due to the nature of a much smaller screen, should not be a physically smaller version of the company home page. Instead, thought should be given to what mobile users are looking for in terms of information and services.

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