Hooray! IT-oLogy Opens its Doors

Barbara Blau attended the Grand Opening of IT-oLogy on Tuesday, Feb 8th.  Barbara, President of DP Professionals, was one of 300 plus business and educational leaders in attendance to view the 22,000 square feet of space that was transformed from traditional office space to a high tech hub of IT activity.  The space houses computer labs for hands on learning, a distance learning and business video conferencing room, an enterprise Z series data center accompanied by VC3’s live data center, a gaming development facility for students and professionals, an open source development lab and a 200 seat IT theater with state of the art capabilities.

 You might be asking what is IT-oLogy.  IT-oLogy is the major initiative of the Consortium for Enterprise Systems Management, a 501c(3) non-profit organization formed in 2009.  IT-oLogy is a collaboration of  IT companies, educational institutions and economic development groups working together to advance the study of information technology as a profession and advance talent from the classroom to the boardroom.  DP Professionals is a member partner and contributor to the Consortium.

 For more information, please visit the links provided below. 

To read an article about the event from Midlands Biz click on the link 


 To find out more about IT-oLogy go to www.it-ology.org

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