Hiring plans for 2012 remain robust

Computerworld’s recent annual survey regarding 2012 IT plans found that 29 percent of the 353 IT executives surveyed, plan to grow their IT staffs. This is a 6 percent increase from last year’s survey. Only 17 percent plan to decrease their IT employee headcount in 2012 while 54 percent expect it to remain the same.

According to Computerworld, programming and application development – which includes mobile app development – is one of the more sought after skills that employers will be looking for in 2012 with 61 percent of survey participants planning to hire for this skill set. This is up from 44 percent in last year’s survey. 23 percent also plan to hire IT professionals with business intelligence skills, up from 13 percent last year.

But not all IT skills will be in growing demand in 2012. Although 35 percent plan to hire for help desk / technical support, this is down from 43 percent last year. Perhaps as technology becomes more dependable and users who have become more technologically savvy, IT departments no longer require large staffs to assist end-users, which could be a contributing reason that the unemployment rate for computer support specialists (6.8%),  is higher than for other IT occupations.

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