Feds closing data centers

While the number of Federal data centers grew four times from 1998 to 2010, the average amount of computing power used by those centers was only 27 percent. At the end of 2010, the federal government announced a plan to reduce the number from nearly 2,100 centers to about 1,300 through closing and/or consolidating of more than 800 centers by 2015.

But Computerworld reports that federal CIO Steven VanRoekel recently made known more ambitious plans that will now include the closing of data centers of 100 square feet or more. The previous plan involved facilities with a minimum of 500 square feet. Originally scheduled to close 373 data centers by the end of 2012, they now plan to shutter 472 centers by the end of next year. Federal agencies have said that they are able close 962 centers by 2015, but VanRoekel, said new goals are in the process of being determined and the final count may be higher.

The government budgets approximately $80 billion annually on IT.

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