Federal IT spending expected to continue but consolidate

While federal IT spending has been relatively flat since 2009, the FY 2012 proposed budget includes a total IT spending of $79.5 billion. This is 1.9 percent increase from FY 2010.

Although the projected increase in the FY 2012 IT spending is relatively flat, spending on major IT projects is proposed to increase 9.5 percent. One of the major pushes in the 2012 budget will be to reduce the number of data centers from 2,094 in 2010 to 1,284 by 2015, or by about 39 percent.

Alongside the consolidation of Federal IT spending, Federal IT procurement may also be changing. The budget document acknowledges the problem of aligning appropriations and acquisitions with the technology cycle, due to the fact that “technology solutions that are often out of date by the time the project starts.” The budget document offers some specific and non-specific changes in the process.

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