Employee Spotlight: Rainer Neely

Each month we shine the spotlight on one of our in-house staff. We hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into the culture at DPP.

Rainer Neely is one of our new technical recruiters; he’s been with DPP for less than a year. He brings his own style to DPP, as you’ll see in his answers to our questions and his photos.

Rainer Neely hugging a puppy

Rainer Neely and friend

Rainer, what is your job with DPP?

Professional NERD finder, aka IT recruiter. I locate, smuggle, and place IT professionals in the Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville areas.

What do you like best about your job? 

I love placing people and then seeing them succeed with a smile on their face. This is very rewarding for me; what better way to help people in this economic slump than helping people find a better job, thus helping their overall happiness and families.

What’s your favorite sport or pastime? 

Huge Bayern München fan! It’s okay if you do not know who they are — I’ll forgive you this time. They are the top German soccer team, winning the UEFA Championship last year and almost made it to the finals this year, if it wasn’t for the semi-finals knock out by Real Madrid. It’s the finesse and creative footwork that pulls me in to this sport. If you want to see something amazing and have free time look up Ronaldo, Messi, or Ribery “foot skills” on YouTube. Just sensational.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try? 

Skydive or base-jump in a squirrel suit.

What was the best vacation you’ve ever had? 

Visited England for a few weeks while my father was working there. Hated the cloudy weather but loved the hiking trails and the overall historic background. Plus, my father lived in sheep country and who doesn’t love a cute smelly sheep that constantly is smiling?

Smiling Sheep

Yeah, they have a bit of a Mona Lisa smile.

What’s one food you wish had zero calories? 

Sesame Chicken from P.F. Changs. It’s my weakness.

What was the last book you read?

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I was reading this to my youngest cousins while they were in town for my father’s birthday this past month.

What’s your favorite season? 

Transition from spring to summer, so let’s call it sprummer! Reasons why I like this made up season are that all the blooming is over with so allergies aren’t a problem, plus the temperature outside is perfect, 50’s in the morning and low 80’s in the afternoon so it’s perfect for kayaking or hiking!

What words of wisdom do you try to live by? 

“Teeth this long”. My grandfather always told me a story since I was a child that women are nothing but hair and fangs, trying to get me to pay attention to school more than women during my younger years. He still points to his index finger every time we see each other and says “Teeth this long”. That bit of wisdom, though small and silly, means so much to me I even have it engraved on the inside of my Citadel ring.

Rainer Neely and dog

Rainer & canine friend

If you could open up a business, what would it be?

I would open a doggy daycare with a twist. People would bring in their puppies while they work, but my store would also allow people who are having a bad day to come and play with the puppies to get their spirits up. It would be called “Happy Tails!” or “Ruff Day?”

Thanks, Rainer!

You can connect with Rainer on LinkedIn.

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