DPP Account Manager Braves Tough Mudder Challenge

Kristen Rowe at the Hold Your Wood obstacle

Kristen Rowe at the Hold Your Wood obstacle on the Tough Mudder course.

Ever wonder just how tough you are? Are you tough enough to take on an 11 mile obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces?

Kristen Rowe is just that tough, and she proved it in October by participating in a Tough Mudder event in Society Hill, SC. Kristen — aka number 93957 — was joined by her brother, Daniel  Kessenich, for the grueling 11 mile trek through 23 obstacles.

“This was the biggest accomplishment to date in my life,” said Kristen. “I did not think I was ready for 11 miles and 23 obstacles but I did get through it and had so much fun! It was fun and challenging but it was not a run to see who could get the best time, it was all about team work and helping everyone get through the course. You could really feel the camaraderie and I guess that is why I wanted to do this challenge.

“My brother, Daniel, had done it before and he really talked it up. We had friends die and get injured in the last war so it was a project close to our heart. And we decided to do it together because we are very close as siblings and a team race seemed a good fit.”

Tough Mudder has raised more than $3 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Kristen is an Account Manager with DP Professionals. She is as gung-ho about caring for her accounts as she was at completing the Tough Mudder course.  She has been with DPP for three and a half years.

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