Does “GIGO” Describe Your LinkedIn® Profile?

Apply with LinkedIn button

When you hit the “Apply with LinkedIn®” button, what will the hiring manager or recruiter see?

The “Apply with LinkedIn®” button is used on career sites to make it a bit easier for job seekers to respond to job ads.

When you use this button to apply for a position, LinkedIn® generates a snapshot of your LinkedIn® profile, including your photo, name, headline, current and immediate past employment, education, email, and telephone number.

When you click the Submit Application button at the bottom of the snapshot, your full profile is sent to the company.

The process is very quick and easy. But consider:

Q. What will the recruiter or HR see when they get your LinkedIn®-generated resume?

A. Exactly what you’ve provided on your profile. No more. No less.

And that can be very telling. If your profile is a bare bones profile, including very little detail, no dates, and no past experience, you’ve told the company the most important things they need to know: You’re not really interested in the position, you’re lazy and you’ve just wasted their time.

So, before you click on the “Apply with LinkedIn®” button, go back to your profile and see if it really is going to whet the appetite of the hiring manager or will they scrape you into the recycling bin?

Corporate Media Specialist, DPP 

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