FAQs for Prospective Clients

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How will using a recruiter/search firm benefit me?

Our due diligence means you will receive truly qualified candidates. DPP conducts an in-depth interview that focuses on the candidate’s skills, experience and ability to move into your position. We match for personality, culture fit, skills and ability to deliver the ideal fIT®  per your request.

Can DPP guarantee the quality of candidates you supply?

Our recruiting process translates into quality candidates who fit your specifications. Our reference checks are designed to address the whole person. We ask the tough questions.

How often do you pay your contingent employees?

Our employees are paid bi-weekly (every two weeks).

What is the cost of DPP services to candidates and job seekers?

Our service is free to both candidates and job seekers.

Do you have independent consultants?

Occasionally we use independent consultants for very short-term projects. 99% of our consultants and contingent employees are W-2 employees.

How are your services billed?

We bill contract hours to the employer at an hourly rate. Direct hire placement fees are on a contingency basis and payable by the employer when an individual is hired as a result of our referral.